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Flip-COB efficient light source technology introduction

time:2020-06-22 source:ZJ Lighting Views:193

    Flip-chip COB as the focus of China's light market, is a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly green light source products in the future development which will become a hot spot. Through the high efficiency and low cost to integrate the light source, the issue of cooling or should be further improved. The LED chip is directly attached to the high reflective mirror substrate above, and then through the use of high light efficiency of the integrated technology to form a flip-cob. This process is made without electroplating, reflow and SMT , the cost has also been reduced. For different applications, the form of encapsulation is not the same.

  Currently , COB encapsulation has been recognized in the LED lighting industry, for its cost performance and light source performance, flip-cob also to be improved, so integrated packaging technology, widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting , The reliability of product quality has been effectively improved.