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The Display of Solar Garden Light at Night

time:2020-11-09 source:ZJ Lighting Views:167

Do you know how the solar garden light presents its style at night?

It is the lighting effect. According to the comparison of the boundary line between light and dark, the solar garden light is displayed in a background picture of a natural environment with low chromaticity, which attracts people's attention.  

However, no matter what the reason is, there is no need to hang objects on the lamp, which will increase the burden of the solar garden light.

According to the current community style, there are mainly two types of solar garden lights, Chinese and European. In addition, the installation of solar garden lights in communities generally uses staggered and symmetrical lighting on the main road.

The design and installation of solar garden lights should understand the actual local conditions and requirements. Since the number of daylight hours of fluorescent lamps is different in each city, the sunshine time determines the working time and efficiency of fluorescent lamps. Therefore, in order to use it reasonably and save resources, it is necessary to understand where the lamp should be installed.

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