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LED lights are so popular, why are there only fog lights or traditional light bulbs?

time:2021-11-25 source:ZJ Lighting Views:225

In fact, many friends have such questions, the headlights, turn signals, and width lights are all LED, why the fog lights are still halogen! So I simply replaced the fog lamp with an LED light source, the reason is, "the halogen lamp is too dim"! In fact, this approach is not correct and unsafe.

Because for fog lamps, what is needed is not the brightness of the light, but the penetration ability of the light, so simply increasing the brightness and using LED light sources will not give more help to driving in foggy days, but will cause greater danger.


The role of the halogen lamp is to signal, not to illuminate

As we have said before, the role of car halogen lamps is not just for lighting. Fog lamps must first have strong penetrating ability and high recognition; secondly, fog lamps are required to hardly produce Tyndall effect, the light will not hit the fog and block the line of sight, but also can illuminate the ground nearby. This is the key to the difference between fog lights and other car lights, so fog lights can be counted as a kind of active safety configuration.

For example, the front fog lights of cars in the last century were generally yellow. However, nowadays, yellow fog lights are rare, and they have been replaced by relatively advanced halogen bulbs. The lighting color has also become warm white, which can provide auxiliary lighting for vehicles under the premise of meeting the conditions of fog lights.

The fog lamp design has strict requirements, do not modify it blindly