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Why do some cars use LED as fog lights?

time:2021-11-25 source:ZJ Lighting Views:135

No need to guess, someone will ask, why does Audi use LED lights as fog lights? Because Audi has spent billions of dollars in research and development costs for the design of integrated lamps, LED light source concentrated light, spectral discontinuity, etc. problems solved by various technical means, and then assembled into lamps and cars. So don't ask why Audi uses it, because it's so expensive! This is not an advertisement!

Some friends may ask, can the LED light source not reach the required color temperature? Is the penetration of the LED light source not strong? What can halogen lamps do, but LED lamps can’t?


In fact, it is no problem to adjust the color temperature of many LED lights. For example, many household lights can adjust the temperature.

But the problem is that the LED lights we generally use are single crystal LEDs. The light passes through the powder and synthesizes a single color of light, instead of being emitted by the three colors of "red, green and blue" (the three primary colors can compensate for the continuous spectrum, explain Too complicated, I will discuss it in depth another day), so it is impossible to achieve continuity in the spectrum! In addition, the cost of the three-color LED lamp is very high, so it is not cost-effective to use it as a fog lamp.