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Light Solar Wall Light

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  The cost of LED wall lights is lower than that of solar wall lights.The LED wall lamp has a simple structure and simple maintenance.It is not affected easily by battery life.

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  However,the solar wall light does not need to dig pits in the ground, and each solar system is independent.

  The solar wall light is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly lamp. Now the solar system is relatively mature. You can choose some products that are beneficial to nature and also contribute to the earth.

  When you are choosing a wall light for your courtyard, solar wall light must be the first choice. There is no fetters of wiring, no additional electricity bills, and it only needs to be fixed on the wall where the sun can shine, and it can provide you with long-term reliable lighting.

  In addition, solar wall light can store light energy without using electricity, and can also be controlled intelligently. It is a very convenient wall light. It is safer than ordinary lamps and has a longer service life.

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  What is solar wall lamp!60 led wireless motion sensor solar wall lights

  Wall lamp is a kind of common lamp in our life. The most common wall lamp is installed at both ends of the bed in the bedroom. This kind of wall lamp can not only play a lighting role, but also play a decorative role. In addition, there is a solar wall lamp, which is the most common in the park. So what is solar wall lamp? What are the advantages of solar wall lamp? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

  1、 What is solar wall lamp

  Wall lamp is hanging in the wall lamp, the wall lamp not only can illuminate, but also has the decoration function. Solar energy is one of the wall lamp, it is driven by the amount of solar light to make it luminous.

  What is solar wall lamp

  2、 Advantages of solar wall lamp

  1. The outstanding advantage of the solar wall lamp is that under the sunlight in the daytime, the solar wall lamp can use its own conditions to convert the solar energy into electric energy, so as to achieve automatic charging, and at the same time, it will store the light energy.

  What is solar wall lamp

  2. The solar wall lamp is controlled by intelligent switch, and it is also a light controlled automatic switch. For example, the solar wall lamp will automatically turn off during the day and turn on automatically at night.

  3. Because the solar wall lamp is driven by the light energy, it does not need to connect any other power supply, so there is no need for cumbersome wiring. Secondly, the solar wall lamp works very stable and reliable.

  What is solar wall lamp

  4. The service life of solar wall lamp is very long. Because the solar wall lamp uses the peninsula body chip to emit light, so it has no filament, and its life can reach 50000 hours without being damaged by the outside world in normal use. The service life of incandescent lamp is 1000 hours and that of energy-saving lamp is 8000 hours. Obviously, the service life of solar wall lamp is much longer than that of incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp.

  5. The common lamps and lanterns generally have mercury and xenon, which will cause great pollution to the environment when the lamps are discarded. But solar wall lamp does not have mercury and xenon, so even if it is used, it will not pollute the environment.

  6. We all know that ultraviolet and infrared rays can cause damage to people's eyes for a long time, but solar wall lamps do not contain these, even if they are exposed for a long time, they will not cause harm to people's eyes.