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what should we do? Anses's recommendations for the use of LEDs

time:2021-11-26 source:ZJ Lighting Views:132

In order to reduce the possible negative effects of LED blue light on the human body, some of the suggestions given by anses are as follows.

It is recommended to use warm white (color temperature lower than 3000K) lamps as household lighting;


In order to prevent the biological clock from being disturbed, it is recommended that the public, especially children, reduce their contact with LED screens (mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.) at night and before going to bed;

Restrict all LED system products to the zero hazard and the first hazard of the blue light safety standard;

Limit the lighting intensity of the car's headlights while ensuring road safety.

As for the anti-blue glasses or anti-blue screens commonly used by the public, anses said that they do not recommend them. The agency emphasized that these products have very different effects on the retina, and their effectiveness in maintaining circadian rhythms has not yet been proven.