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The impact of LEDs on health is mainly the impact of blue light on the eyes

time:2021-11-26 source:ZJ Lighting Views:180

In fact, the so-called impact of LED lights on health mainly comes from the impact of blue light on the eyes-this is also the focus of this anses report.

Speaking of blue light, many people have heard of it in their daily lives. Many businesses will use the rendering of blue light's harm to human health to achieve the commercial purpose of marketing anti-blue light products, such as anti-blue glasses, anti-blue mobile phone films, eye protection lamps, and so on. At the backstage of Dingxiangyuan, there are often readers who leave messages, raising their confusion about these anti-blue light products.

The impact of LEDs on health is mainly the impact of blue light on the eyes(图1)

So, what exactly is Blu-ray? What kind of harm does it have to the human body?

The so-called blue light refers to high-energy short-wave light with a light wavelength between 400 and 500 nm, which is a component of natural light. And because of its technical particularity, LED can emit blue light in a short time, and it has stronger illumination than other light sources.

As early as 2010, anses pointed out that the blue light in LED is toxic to the retina.

The latest report released by anses also clearly pointed out that all the new scientific data obtained since 2010 support the toxic effects of blue light on the eyes. Such toxic effects include short-term phototoxic effects related to acute strong exposure, as well as long-term effects related to chronic exposure, which may cause vision loss and increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

In addition, experts also pointed out that exposure to strong blue light at night can disrupt the biological clock and affect sleep. Due to the large changes in the light intensity of some LED lights, sensitive people such as children and adolescents may be more susceptible to the potential effects of this light adjustment, such as headaches and visual fatigue.